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Launch of Development Corridors Partnership

23 October 2018
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UNEP-WCMC is pleased to announce the launch of the Development Corridors Partnership, an international collaboration aimed at the sustainable growth of development corridors in East Africa and funded until 2021 by the UK Research Council’s Global Challenges Research Fund.

The launch event echoes the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in September this year and reflects UNEP-WCMC’s efforts to provide technical and dialogue-convening support for a sustainable China-Africa cooperation.

The first of UNEP-WCMC’s major project launches in China, the Partnership brings together research institutes and government think tanks from the UK, China, Kenya and Tanzania to ensure that decision-making along development corridors in East Africa can be based on sound scientific evidence, effective planning tools and procedures as well as enhanced, in-country capacity.

The launch event in Beijing was attended by high-level representation from China’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and China International Contractors Association, as well as representatives from the private sector, finance institute and research institutes.

Corli Pretorius, UNEP-WCMC Deputy Director, provided opening remark at the launch event. She noted that “China remains among the most significant investors for the continent,” and that “it is of interest to both China and African countries to prevent negative impact and find ways to direct investments to contribute to the sustainable development for Africa.”

Han Meng, UNEP-WCMC China Representative, commented: “Since the start of UNEP-WCMC China initiative in 2015 we have been exploring ways to support the sustainable development of Chinese overseas investment. We are so pleased to bring major think tanks from China into such an international collaboration and be able to support sustainable development in East Africa via capacity building and outreach activities for researchers and decision-makers from Tanzania, Kenya, China and the UK.

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative, for example, is one of the most significant infrastructure developments in the world, and through this Partnership we will all work to ensure that the investments address climate change challenges, promote greener investment and implementation in East Africa, as well as improve economic and cultural connectivity.”

The event also received high-level coverage from China’s prominent news agencies, China Daily and People’s Daily.


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