Putting biodiversity at the heart of decision-making

We believe that the environment will be better managed if decision makers have the right information, tools and capacity to value biodiversity fully

Our expertise

At UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre we develop and share data and knowledge-based tools to help decision makers understand how they depend and impact upon biodiversity. We work actively with them to ensure that they can – and do – use these tools effectively. We help people to explicitly account for the value of biodiversity in policy- and decision-making for development and the environment. In dozens of projects every year we work with our partners to strengthen the foundations of good environmental management in the following ways. We:

Our growing team comprises more than a hundred experts in the biodiversity and ecosystem services of marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments, together with social scientists, ecological modellers, economists, lawyers, GIS specialists, policy analysts and programmers. As a team we specialize in measuring and identifying the causes of biodiversity change, mapping biodiversity hotspots and priorities, valuing ecosystem services, and evaluating the implications for biodiversity of different land and ocean management options.