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Sanae Chiba

Senior Programme Officer | Marine

Sanae works at the Centre under a secondment agreement with Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. Her role is to develop a professional network that strengthens connections between biological oceanography and marine policy that supports the adaptation of marine biodiversity policy and civil society to climate-driven biological and oceanographic changes in the oceans. Sanae also supports existing projects and contributes to the development of new projects in this field in collaboration with key partners.

Previous experience & expertise

Sanae has studied the biology of marine mammals and plankton throughout her academic career, and has participated in many research cruises, from polar to tropical oceans. Since completing her PhD on plankton ecology in the Antarctic Sea at Tokyo University of Fisheries, Sanae has worked at Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, where her research theme has been long-term marine ecosystem change. Collaborating with international colleagues, she has reported changes in seasonality, distribution and function in plankton community in the North Pacific for several decades. She is a member of several international ocean science initiatives such as IOC-GOOS and PICES.