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Rachel Seary

Nereus Fellow | Conserving Land and Seascapes

Rachel is an associate PhD student with the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. Her PhD is part of the Nereus Program, a global inter-disciplinary initiative aiming to further our knowledge on how to attain sustainability for the world's oceans. Rachel's research explores the links between mangrove habitats, fisheries, community livelihoods and food security on a global scale.

Previous experience & expertise

Rachel has an MSc in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems from the University of St Andrews and a BSc in Marine Biology from Swansea University. During a professional work placement in Greece, Rachel undertook a long period of field study investigating the importance of seagrass habitats for artisanal fisheries catch within the Aegean Sea. Following her BSc, she continued to investigate coastal habitats as an intern with Swansea University Seagrass Research Group and Cardiff University Sustainable Places Institute, through analysis of Local Ecological Knowledge of fishers and their perception of the importance of seagrass habitats in South East Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Recent work by Rachel Seary

Mangroves, fisheries and community livelihoods | PhD Project

Mangrove forests are disappearing by 1-2 per cent annually. Mangrove loss and degradation may impact upon their capacity to support coastal communities via the provision of fishery products which are important for subsistence and economy. Rachel's PhD project will investigate the impacts of future mangrove loss and change on fisheries and the communities dependent on them.