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Philip Underwood

Postdoctoral Scientist, Senior Nereus Fellow | Marine

Phil works with the Madingley model to validate its use as a policy informing tool in relation to fisheries and food security. He also hopes to help strengthen the existing relationship between the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Centre.

Previous experience & expertise

After a short career as a software engineer, Phil was inspired by James Lovelock's writing on Gaia theory to go into postgraduate education. He has since completed an MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at the University of Sussex, and a PhD in Theoretical Ecology at the University of East Anglia. He recently completed his first postdoc at BAS as part of the Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics (ICED) programme. That work involved the use of statistical methods in the analysis of satellite chlorophyll data.

Recent work by Philip Underwood

Nereus: Assessing the relationship between ecosystem structure, function and drivers of change and their impact upon fisheries production and food security |

Phil is part of the Nereus program, and will be working to better understand the relationship between oceanic ecosystems and human societies. To this end he will improve the ecological realism of the Madingley Model in order to generate future projections of fisheries in a global context.