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Paulus Maukonen

Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Paulus provides technical in-country and remote support to national REDD+ readiness activities in collaboration with national partners and UN-REDD agencies predominantly in Africa; focusing on building national capacity in spatial analysis and field data collection, and delivering analysis relevant to national-level land use planning.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the Centre in 2014, Paulus’ focus has been on the application of open-source statistical and spatial software in the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Africa. He coordinated participatory research activities in the Congo Basin, examining local use of non-timber forest products from timber trees in logging concessions; and was involved in developing community-based conservation management plans in Kenya. He speaks English, French, Finnish and basic Swahili; and holds an MSc from Newcastle University and a BSc from the University of East Anglia focused on GIS, environmental assessment and conservation ecology.

Recent work by Paulus Maukonen

Technical support to the UN-REDD Programme |

Paulus has provided technical support to partners coordinating REDD+ readiness activities in Nigeria, Kenya, the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Cote d’Ivoire; as well as to the UN-REDD agencies. This has included the delivery of analyses and workshops concerning spatial analysis of the multiple benefits of REDD+, field data collection, cost-benefit analyses of national REDD+ strategy options and the REDD+ Academy in Africa.