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Neil Burgess

Chief Scientist | Science

Neil oversees our work at the science-policy interface. This includes both novel and policy relevant science on: biodiversity; ecosystem services; human pressures; ecosystem modeling; international targets; and biological and social-science linkages. The Programme also supports the work of the entire Centre with inputs on scientific design, approach, application, and analysis. Neil’s role also entails cross programmatic project development and quality control of products as they are being produced. 

Previous experience & expertise

Neil’s professional experience has covered academia; non-governmental organization science programmes; and field conservation project development, management and implementation in Africa. Over many years this work has sought to bridge the divide between academic science and practical field scientific needs. Increasingly this has also sought to bridge the gap between social and biological sciences in relation to conservation and societal questions, and the divide between academic science and policy-relevant science. Neil’s main expertise is in project management and development, and in providing a flow of relevant scientific ideas that have links to practical conservation or policy needs.  

Recent work by Neil Burgess

Oversight of programme work |

As the Head of Science Neil provides an input into multiple projects on: indicators for global conventions; protected areas; climate change and impacts on species and habitats; ecosystem services mapping and valuation; training and capacity building; mapping threats; poverty and livelihood dimensions of conservation; community-based conservation; and measuring impacts of conservation.

Neil also supervises and examines Masters and PhD students in addition to providing technical input to field projects working on REDD+, protected area development, community-based conservation, and monitoring conservation impacts on the ground in Tanzania.