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Maximilien Guèze

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Maximilien contributes to the work of the Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support programme with his experience of intergovernmental processes. He works on projects related to the portfolio of National Ecosystem Assessments, in particular on the further development of the capacity building component, and on the engagement with IPBES.

Previous experience & expertise

Before joining the Centre, Maximilien coordinated the IPBES Global Assessment as part of its technical support unit (UN Bonn, Germany), supporting a team of 150 multidisciplinary experts. His work focused on coordinating content and inputs, in particular during dialogue meetings with indigenous peoples and local communities, and on the negotiation and delivery of the summary for policymakers. Maximilien has an academic background and he has conducted doctoral and postdoctoral research linking cultural change, forest uses and tree diversity in tropical forests; he has spent long periods of time among indigenous communities in Bolivia and Indonesia. He has a PhD from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and a MSc from SupAgro Montpellier (France).