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Matthew Ling

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Matthew’s role focuses most directly on ecosystem services and ecosystem assessments. Matthew’s duties include managing the Secretariat of the Sub-Global Assessment Network and roles in other assessment and indicator-based projects. Matthew has attended various international events to present workshops and training sessions on ecosystem assessments; and has helped convene and facilitate meetings and workshops for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment follow-on project, and the development of indicators to support an assessment of harmful substances.

Previous experience & expertise

Matthew has studied and worked in environmental, ecological and conservation disciplines for thirteen years. After completing an environmental science BSc, Matthew was employed as a fish husbandry scientist, and later as an experimental scientist at AstraZeneca’s Brixham Environmental Laboratory. Subsequently, Matthew completed a PhD - The ecological restoration of industrially disturbed landscapes. Prior to joining the Centre, Matthew worked as a consultant ecologist, conducting habitat and protected species surveys and mitigation. Shortly after joining the Centre, Matthew fulfilled a three-month secondment at UNEP headquarters, working with the Ecosystem Services Economics unit of the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation, gaining invaluable international experience.

Recent work by Matthew Ling

Sub-Global Assessment Network | Project Lead

Matthew leads the management of the secretariat of the Sub-Global Assessment Network. This includes: planning events; managing communications; and liaising with the advisory committee and the Network members.

An indicator-based assessment of harmful substances | Project Lead

Matthew has overseen the production of a background information document and convened and facilitated an expert workshop to develop an indicator-set to support a global assessment of harmful substances and wastes. Subsequently Matthew has incorporated the results of the expert workshop and the background document into a final report.

A guide to environmental assessments | Project Lead

Matthew has been working with UNEP colleagues in Nairobi to produce a short guide to environmental assessment methods as an information document for decision-makers.