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Matt Jones

Head of Programme | Business and Biodiversity

Matt works heavily on business engagement, providing a link between the scientific and technical functions of UNEP-WCMC and the Centre’s private sector partners. Central to his role is delivery of data, information and technical support to help companies understand and respond to their potential impacts on biodiversity. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of Proteus, technical engagement in the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT), and the development of projects with individual companies to assess biodiversity values across their project portfolios.

Previous experience & expertise

Matt holds a Master of Philosophy and a Bachelors degree in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining UNEP-WCMC, Matt worked in Tanzania on projects to align the goals of poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation. He has also worked as a consultant to the Energy, Transport, Finance, Utilities and Construction sectors on environmental, social and governance issues.

Recent work by Matt Jones

Proteus |

Matt is responsible for day-to-day management of Proteus, a unique collaboration between UNEP-WCMC and leading extractives companies, to improve, disseminate and develop capacity to use and interpret biodiversity data and information in decision making.

Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool |

Matt leads UNEP-WCMC’s technical engagement in IBAT, a tool designed to deliver combined biodiversity data to businesses, development finance institutions and research and conservation organizations. IBAT is managed through the collaborative partnership of Conservation International, BirdLife International, International Union for Conservation of Nature and UNEP-WCMC.

Biodiversity Prioritization |

Matt has worked with leading businesses to develop methodologies to assess and prioritize their operations on the basis of presence of biodiversity values. These projects have supported companies in making decisions on where to invest time and resources in monitoring and managing their impacts on biodiversity.