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Kerstin Brauneder

Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Kerstin’s principal role in the Business and Biodiversity Programme is to assist in providing support to Proteus companies in the development of information resources for businesses, and in the provision of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support to technical reports. She carries out spatial and information analyses and supports UNEP-WCMC’s data management.

Previous experience & expertise

Kerstin joined the Business and Biodiveristy team after completing an internship with the Centre’s Marine Programme. Prior to this, she worked as a naturalist guide on wilderness-tourism vessels in Polar regions and as a field assistant for a groundwater quality mapping programme of the Ontario Geological Survey in Canada. Kerstin completed her university education at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where she obtained an MSc in Earth Sciences, with a focus on exploration geochemistry, and a BSc Honors in Environmental Sciences with a Major in Geology.

Recent work by Kerstin Brauneder

Interpretation of International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 6 |

As part of the information delivery to Proteus companies and linked to the programme’s work on biodiversity safeguards in industry and financial standards, Kerstin has worked on developing information resources on the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6) on Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources

A-Z of biodiversity |

Kerstin assists in the continued development and update of the A-Z of Biodiversity, previously supporting delivery of the A-Z of Biodiversity Terms.

UNEP-WCMC spatial data management |

Kerstin is contributing to the development of a Centre-wide Data Strategy through the identification of risks associated to data management and licensing. She is also supporting the implementation of a new data management system, maximizing the efficiency of spatial data related work within the Centre.