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Katie Leach

Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Katie’s role in the Business and Biodiversity Programme involves providing support to the Proteus partners through her data and analytical expertise. She also provides scientific input to technical briefings.

Previous experience & expertise

Katie recently completed a PhD in Biological Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast in which she used numerous analytical techniques, including species distribution modelling and network analysis, plus an extensive range of datasets, such as The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and land cover data, to explore the impacts of climate change on the global distribution of lagomorphs (rabbits, hares and pikas). Prior to this, she completed a four year MSc degree at the University of Nottingham. In her final year project, she studied the effectiveness of the Egyptian Protected Area network under future climate change.

Recent work by Katie Leach

Proteus |

Katie provides support for the Proteus partnership, a unique collaboration between UNEP-WCMC and leading extractive companies to disseminate biodiversity data and information for use in decision-making.