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Katherine Despot Belmonte

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Katherine supports the Ecosystems Assessment Programme by assisting with the implementation of a range of projects relating to indicators, assessments, ecosystem services, NBSAPs, and agriculture. Some of her responsibilities include reviewing literature, analyzing existing data, compiling financial and technical reports, organizing/attending meetings and events, and liaising with donors, clients and partners.

Previous experience & expertise

Katherine has an MSc in Environment, Science and Society (UCL), a Masters of International Relations and Human Rights (University of Auckland) and a Bachelor of Business (Hons) (UCB Bolivia). Her research interests are concerned with sustainable development and transformative collaborative practices implemented at the community level. Previous work experience includes research focused on the revitalization of ancestral sustainable agricultural practices in the Bolivian Andes, exploring the possibilities of public-led environmental decision-making with Generation Zero and Loomio in New Zealand, collaborating with the Just Space Network on climate change planning in London, and working for the Rainforest Foundation UK.

Recent work by Katherine Despot Belmonte


Katherine is currently working with Claire Brown on the compilation of case studies from users of the Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA). The purpose of this project is to provide a selection of examples of how TESSA has been applied in the field to help new users understand the tool in more detail with guidance from real examples.