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Juliette Martin

Programme Officer | Marine

Juliette provides support to a range of projects and activities in the Marine Programme. In particular, she supports the marine component of the Proteus partnership and research into the future planning of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ). Through the development of marine digital products, she streamlines marine and coastal data to track progress towards global biodiversity goals and support decision-making. Building on her expertise in ocean analysis, she will further contribute to the global debate about the future of ocean and coastal biodiversity and their associated services. Her areas of expertise include ecosystem services and marine ecology.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the Centre, Juliette worked on coral reef biodiversity with the University of Tokyo, and conducted research on bottlenose dolphin bioacoustics in Lisbon, Portugal. She has also been involved in various interdisciplinary research projects including Jellywatch, aiming to predict jellyfish blooming cycles in the Mediterranean Basin, and a project on ant phylogeny with the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Juliette has a BSc in Environmental Science and an MSc in Marine Environmental Management from the University of York. She further undertook an MSc in Ecosystem Services at the University of Edinburgh. She is fluent in English, German and French.

Recent work by Juliette Martin

Marine component of the Proteus partnership | Project co-leader

Juliette contributed to the development of the Ocean Data Viewer and the management and distribution of high-quality marine and coastal data. These datasets are important resources that can be used to ensure compliance with international regulations, such as the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 6, and to support decision-making at multiple scales. Her work also focuses on the development of digital knowledge products that contribute to a step-change in global access to, and use of, ocean biodiversity information and spatial data, in order to support the delivery of global ocean goals and targets and the transition to a healthy ocean.

Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Deep Seas Project | Task leader and contributor

Juliette has oversight of the development and management of marine data that will be collated on Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction of two pilot regions: the Western Indian Ocean and the South-East Pacific. The project is run is close partnership with the Regional Seas Programmes of these two regions. This will help highlight areas of cumulative impact in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, which will contribute to the application of effective ecosystem based management tools to support the delivery of global ocean goals and targets in these areas.

International Resource Panel: Impacts of land-based activities on marine and coastal environment and resources | Task leader and contributor

Juliette helps coordinate UNEP-WCMC’s role on this project, which is seeking to improve global governance at the land-sea interface. Specifically, the project assesses the impacts of land-based developments and activities on marine resources and the environment, highlights the industries and ecosystems most risk and explores how this can be reduced.