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Judith Schleicher

Postdoctoral Researcher - Poverty and Ecosystem Services | Science

Judith conducts interdisciplinary research bridging the natural and social sciences to inform conservation practice and policy. In her current postdoctoral research position she explores the linkages between the natural environment and human wellbeing and poverty, working jointly between UNEP-WCMC and the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge.

Previous experience & expertise

Judith is a conservation scientist with a PhD from the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge. For her PhD thesis she assessed ecological and socio-political impacts of Conservation Concessions in the Peruvian Amazon. Prior to her work in Peru, she investigated the sustainability of hunting in Gabon, Central Africa.

Judith has diverse work experience on conservation and development projects in Africa, East Asia and Latin America. This has included developing and implementing biodiversity and environmental projects at the World Bank. Judith holds a BA and MSc in ecology and conservation science from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

Recent work by Judith Schleicher

Ecosystem Services as a Missing Dimension of Poverty |

Judith provides the main analytical thrust on the ESPA-funded project that aims to (1) assess whether the natural environment and ecosystem services can be considered part of the concept of wellbeing and/or poverty; and (2) develop environmental indicators for inclusion in the Multidimensional Poverty Index.