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Josie Wastell

Associate Programme Officer | Marine

Josie is an applied marine conservation scientist who provides technical and project management input to a wide range of projects within the marine programme and across the Centre. She brings a broad background in conservation science and a passion for science communication to the team.

Previous experience & expertise

Josie has been in the team a year and has worked on a number of projects, in particular providing user-friendly policy and technical briefs for stakeholders on a wide range of issues. As part of the team’s Ocean Literacy Initiative, she has led on engagement of UK schools and exam boards in inclusion of marine conservation issues in the curriculum. Josie holds a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, specialising in Zoology, where her undergraduate project work culminated in a paper analysing scenarios for biodiversity in Cambridge in 2031: “Urban development, land sharing and land sparing: the importance of considering restoration”.

Recent work by Josie Wastell

International Resource Panel: Impacts of land-based activities on marine and coastal environment and resources |

Josie helps coordinate UNEP-WCMC’s role on this project, which is seeking to improve global governance at the land-sea interface. Specifically, the project assesses the impacts of land-based developments and activities on marine resources and the environment, highlights the industries and ecosystems most risk and explores how this can be reduced.

Coral reefs and the Sustainable Development Goals |

Coral reefs are vital, yet highly threatened ecosystems. Josie is working to identify innovative management measures which promote the ecosystem services they provide (e.g. tourism, food and human health). This information will link protection of coral reefs to delivery of the SDGs at a local, national and regional level.

Ocean Literacy Initiative |

UNEP-WCMC’s Ocean Literacy Initiative seeks to develop ocean literacy and citizen engagement strategies to support delivery of global ocean goals and targets such as Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water. This is in support of the Centre’s voluntary commitment at the UN Ocean conference to catalyse ocean literacy.