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Jonty Knox

Senior Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Jonty oversees the management of UNEP-WCMC’s Proteus partnership. A collaboration designed to support extractives industry companies in the understanding and effective mitigation of impact on biodiversity.

Previous experience & expertise

With over eight years’ experience working at the nexus of environment, business and technology, Jonty was previously a Technical Specialist in Extractives and Development Infrastructure at Fauna & Flora International. There he specialised in quantifying the risks and opportunities corporate entities and civil society face concerning biodiversity and ecosystem services. His past employers include the Environment Agency (UK), Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Climate Change the New Economy and McGill University. He gained his degree from McGill in 2011, where he spent 3 more years as a marine biologist on the east coast before completing his MSc at the University of Southampton in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing. He specializes in sustainable resource management, REDD+ and the waste management and extractive industries.