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Holly Griffin

Associate Programme Officer | Conserving Land and Seascapes

Holly leads on providing technical social science support to a range of projects across the centre. She supports qualitative data collection and analysis, and provides guidance on the use of other social science methods. Holly is involved in developing new areas of work at UNEP-WCMC, in particular in ocean literacy, social marketing and pro-environmental behaviour change. She is also a member of the Research Ethics Committee, and is supporting work to identify organisational impact.

Previous experience & expertise

Holly’s previous work focuses on understanding variations, trends and gaps in public knowledge of marine conservation. She is involved in ongoing research concerning public perceptions of the sea and its applications to marine conservation, co-authoring a paper on the topic.

She has provided social science input to interdisciplinary teams, and worked with an international gaming company to develop smartphone games with conservation messages. She also has experience designing and delivering environmental education activities for primary and secondary school students, and promoting optimism in conservation.  

Recent work by Holly Griffin

Social science for marine ecosystem restoration |

Using the principles of social marketing, Holly convenes the development of guidance to support ecosystem protection and restoration. This includes strategies to mitigate the impact of divers on coral reefs, and guidance to generate and monitor consumer demand for invasive marine species, thereby promoting the restoration of seagrass meadows in Turkey. Holly’s skills include social data collection using a variety of methods (surveying; interviewing; focus groups; document analysis), data analysis (including qualitative coding) and social research ethics.  

Supporting the transition to a Sustainable Blue Economy |

Holly has supported work to identify a vision and operational plan as to how UN Environment and partners can develop a country-driven global partnership initiative to support informed sustainable and inclusive Blue Economy policies. This initiative aims to enhance the capacity of countries and sectors to embed ecosystem-based management into policies and planning across a range of different sectors.

Integrated Management and Governance Strategies for Delivery of Ocean-related Sustainable Development Goals |

Holly has contributed to an analysis of the development and use of Area Based Management Tool (ABMT) case studies for the implementation of different marine and coastal policies. UNEP-WCMC aims to play an influential role in the application of effective ecosystem based management tools to support the delivery of global ocean goals and targets. This is being implemented by sharing evidence-based and globally relevant research and guidance on the application of ecosystem based management tools at national and regional scales, particularly across and beyond jurisdictional borders.