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Edward Lewis

Associate Programme Officer | Protected Areas

Edward helps out in a variety of different projects within the Protected Areas programme. A substantial proportion of his work is undertaking GIS analysis on the WDPA or other related spatial data. Additionally, Edward also helps with literature reviews, compiling data, and writing of reports.

Previous experience & expertise

The majority of Edward’s experience is as a field ecologist, predominantly being a woodland botanist based in Scotland. In recent years he has worked with Forest Research, Stirling University, Coille Alba and David Dodds Associates. After graduating from Edinburgh University in 2014 with a degree in ecology and forestry, Edward visited the Peruvian cloud forest where he helped assess the impact of climate change on arboreal seedlings. Edward came to the Centre as an intern in 2014 and at the end of his internship he was offered a position as a Programme Assistant in the Protected Areas programme.

Recent work by Edward Lewis

Systematic conservation planning in Colombia | Project Leader

Edward is coordinating a team at the Centre to aid the Rainforest Trust in deciding what parts of north-western Colombia would benefit the most from biodiversity conservation.

Temporal trends in the WDPA | Lead Researcher

Edward, in collaboration with the Luc Hoffman Institute, is undertaking groundbreaking research into how the world's conservation estate has evolved over recent years.