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Diego Juffe Bignoli

Post-Doctoral Scientist | Science

Diego works primarily on The Development Corridors Partnership project where he is co-leading on activities related to GIS analyses, data collection and scientific research, capacity building, and biodiversity policy. The project uses a capacity-building approach to examine proposed investment corridors in Kenya and Tanzania and assess how they can be designed to deliver sustainable, inclusive, and resilient economic growth.

Previous experience & expertise

Diego has over fifteen years' experience in project and budget management and coordination, spatial planning, biodiversity policy indicator development, biodiversity risk assessments, and database management. As a biodiversity specialist, Diego has worked for IUCN on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and Key Biodiversity Areas, and for UNEP-WCMC on the World Database on Protected Areas. He has also advised companies on biodiversity management as a consultant at The Biodiversity Consultancy. Since 2011, he has led or contributed to over twenty technical and policy reports and scientific papers.