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Corinne Martin

Interim Head of Programme | Marine

Corinne’s role in the Marine Programme is to provide oversight, management and scientific lead to technical projects at the science-policy interface. Her areas of expertise include marine biodiversity, spatial ecology, and policy. Her main activities revolve around the management, improvement, communication, dissemination and analysis of coastal and marine biodiversity datasets, such as the Manual of Marine and Coastal Datasets of Biodiversity Importance, and Ocean Data Viewer. She is passionate about making marine data relevant to the decision-makers of various sectors such as policy, scientific research, conservation, as well as the corporate sector.

Previous experience & expertise

Corinne has an academic research background in fisheries biology and spatial ecology and modelling, and has taken part in a number of research surveys on-board oceanographic research vessels in the English Channel, North and Mediterranean seas. She has extensive knowledge of marine biodiversity datasets, databases and data portals, particularly at the European and global scales, and has made this knowledge available through the Manual of Marine and Coastal Datasets of Biodiversity Importance. She has recently worked on developing a global map to aid the identification and screening of “Critical Habitat” for marine industries. She currently leads work package 6 of the “European Biodiversity Observation Network” (EU BON) project, where she is working towards bridging the gap between biodiversity data and decision-makers’ needs.

Recent work by Corinne Martin

A global map to aid the identification and screening of “Critical Habitat” for marine industries | Project Leader

The project assessed the alignment of biodiversity features with the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 6 (PS6), and combined them into a traffic-light map to be used as a screening tool by marine industries. Work is currently taking place to adapt this high-level screening approach to different end-users such as governments, development banks and international organizations.

EU BON (Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network) | Lead of UNEP-WCMC’s contribution to EU BON

EU BON is a European Union Framework Programme 7 research project with 30 partners. The main objective of EU BON is to build a substantial part of the Group on Earth Observation’s Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON). UNEP-WCMC is involved in several work packages within EU BON, in particular as leader of work package 6 (“Stakeholder engagement and science-policy dialogue”), but also under work package 7 to bring a global perspective to this European project.

Support to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive | Project Leader

This project supported the European Commission in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. It identified linkages and overlaps between reporting requirements for various marine policy instruments – both European and international, including Regional Seas Conventions – so as to formulate options for streamlining and harmonization.