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Claire Vincent

Associate Programme Officer | Conserving Land and Seascapes

Claire contributes to the ongoing maintenance of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) and Protected Planet, with a focus on Central and West African countries. Claire also provides technical and analytical support to the Global Database on Protected Area Management Effectiveness (GD-PAME), and a variety of other projects related to the WDPA and Protected Areas at the centre.

Previous experience & expertise

Claire has worked internationally with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Cambodia and with the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone. Both of these projects aimed at building local capacity and promoting the local communities to lead on conservation initiatives. Claire is originally from Canada where she obtained her BSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UBC. She then went on to an MSc in Behaviour Evolution and Conservation from UNIL in Switzerland. Her thesis focused on conservation prioritisation using decision support tools, GIS, and species distribution modelling.

Recent work by Claire Vincent

World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) |

Claire manages data on protected areas in Central and West Africa in the WDPA. In this role she works with governments, non-governmental organisations, academia and industry to ensure the data are kept up to date.