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Chris Mcowen

Senior Programme Officer | Marine

Chris is a postdoctoral scientist working with the Marine team together with staff in the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. He researchers a variety of aspects relating to marine capture fisheries. Specifically, Chris is exploring the drivers of fisheries production, considering a range of ecological, oceanographic and socioeconomic processes, so that future fisheries production can be predicted and marine ecosystems exploited sustainably.

Previous experience & expertise

Chris has a research background in marine biology, biodiversity modeling and spatial ecology. Chris completed a PhD at the University of St Andrews in 2010, where part of his thesis was spent working with researchers at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, and London’s Natural History Museum, in order to develop models capable of predicting the extinction risk of plant species yet to be assessed under IUCN criteria. He has an MRes in Marine Biology from the University of Plymouth and a BSc in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Aberystwyth.

Recent work by Chris Mcowen

Nereus Project | A Senior Fellow

The Nereus Projecy is a nine-year, international research partnership dedicated to developing an interdisciplinary approach towards the promotion of sustainable fisheries The program has three main objectives. 1) Simulating the future ocean - develop scientifically credible simulations of future fish populations and policy options for the world oceans. 2) Capacity building – develop research capacity and international cooperation to provide scientifically informed and practical solutions for managing the oceans to the benefit of future generations. 3) Public awareness - raise public awareness of the state of the oceans.

A global map to aid the identification and screening of “Critical Habitat” for marine industries | Contributor

The project team combines multiple biodiversity layers and assess their alignment with the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 6 (PS6). This is the first attempt to synthesize a global spatial map of identifiable marine PS6 Critical Habitat, to provide information to aid in minimizing potential biodiversity conflicts when setting marine industry operations.