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Chloe Montes

Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Chloe Montes (née Strevens) works on a range of cross-cutting issues relating to biodiversity management for multiple business sectors. This involves mapping and assessing the current state of conservation science for consideration by the business community, developing methods to determine biodiversity risk associated with business operations and defining best practice for biodiversity management within various business sectors. The aim of this work is to improve business' ability to identify and subsequently avoid, minimize or mitigate biodiversity impacts.

Previous experience & expertise

Chloe is an experienced research ecologist with a background in landscape management and conservation. Following a BA in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin, Chloe spent several years in Oxford University doing first a DPhil and then post-doctoral research on the theme of landscape management and the conservation of species. Her studies used a combination of mathematical models and empirical experiments to test hypotheses and predict possible future outcomes of a range of management interventions.

Recent work by Chloe Montes

Biodiversity safeguards in voluntary sustainability standards |

For the past three years Chloe has been involved with a project undertaken in partnership with the Convention on Biological Diversity to determine how biodiversity is incorporated into environmental standards from a wide range of business sectors and to develop best practice guidance on strengthening the safeguards that are used. Chloe is currently involved in reviewing a range of the biodiversity prioritization approaches contained within standards, including Critical Habitat and High Conservation Value areas.

Mapping biodiversity risk associated with business operations |

Chloe has worked with a range of businesses to develop methods to improve the understanding of the biodiversity risks of global operations so that appropriate management responses can be defined. This work involves communicating the nature and extent of biodiversity that is found in the areas of business operations through information materials and spatial mapping tools.

Biodiversity science review for business |

Chloe has been involved in horizon scanning exercises to identify key issues and themes arising in conservation science which are likely to impact on business operations in the future. This work is designed to enable businesses to preempt changes in policy and stay abreast of developments in technologies to assess and mitigate their impacts and risks.