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Brian Mac Sharry

Data Manager and Senior Programme Officer | Protected Areas

Brian is the Project Manager of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) and associated products such as the Protected Planet report, The UN List of Protected Areas, and the website. The role involves streamlining existing data flows relating to protected areas information and continuing to enhance and expand the network of data providers that build the WDPA.

Previous experience & expertise

Brian has been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and protected areas related data since 2003. He started his professional career working for the Irish Government as a GIS Analyst in the realms of nature conservation and archaeological protection before spending 6 and a half years working on biodiversity and protected areas in Europe through a sub agency of the European Environment Agency the ETC/BD. Brian has a PhD in Geology from Trinity College Dublin.

Recent work by Brian Mac Sharry

World Database on Protected Areas | Project Manager

Brian manages the monthly update of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) and liaison with data providers. The WDPA consists of over 200,000 records and the WDPA team continuously liaises with data providers to ensure the latest datasets are available.

Protected Planet website and Protected Planet report | Project Manager is the public face of the WDPA. In conjunction with the Informatics team the Protected Areas Programme will be redeveloping and updating the existing pages over the next 12 months. The Protected Planet report 2014 will highlight the progress being made towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 and will contain the latest statistics related to protected areas coverage.

UN list of Protected Areas | Project Manager

The UN list of protected areas is the list of all the government recognized protected areas. The last UN list was in 2003 and the 2014 update will tell an interesting story regarding the development of protected areas over the last decade.