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Audrey Burns

Programme Officer | Ecosystem Assessment and Policy Support

Audrey provides a biodiversity mainstreaming role at UNEP-WCMC. She works on the GEF Connect project, which seeks to mainstream biodiversity information into the heart of government decision-making in Ghana, Uganda, and Mozambique. She works with the Ghana and Uganda country teams in developing biodiversity information products (e.g. spatial biodiversity assessments and biodiversity indicators) and mainstreaming these into national policy entry points. Another of Audrey’s mainstreaming projects is Mapping Biodiversity Priorities, Phase II. She serves as the focal point for the Botswana country team, supporting the team in mainstreaming biodiversity maps into emerging national policy. Audrey also works on the Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCA) Registry, where communities provide data, case studies, maps, photos, and stories which result in useful statistics and analysis on featured ICCAs around the world.

Previous experience & expertise

Audrey has previously worked on the Darwin Initiative Guyana Indigenous and Local Knowledge project to provide policy-level guidance, capacity development and research-led experience for incorporating traditional knowledge into conservation and sustainable development decision-making, monitoring and policy. Another of Audrey’s former projects was the Aligning Biodiversity Measure for Business Initiative to help form a common view among key stakeholders on the measurement, monitoring and disclosure of corporate biodiversity impact and dependence.
Prior to joining the Centre, Audrey contributed to a project at the International Institute for Environment and Development on enhancing the socially equitable governance of protected areas. Audrey holds a Master of Science in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from King’s College London and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Colorado College.