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América Paz Durán

Programme Officer - Biodiversity, Threats and Drivers | Science

Paz is an Environmental Biologist with a broad interest in understanding what and how socio-ecological factors affect the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Currently, Paz is working on a Luc Hoffman Institute funded project, in collaboration with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, investigating the relative impacts of multiple global threats on biodiversity. She also aims to look at the link between threats and their associated drivers.

Previous experience & expertise

During her PhD at the University of Exeter, Paz assessed the effectiveness of protected areas in representing biodiversity and ecosystem services, and how spatio-ecological factors affect their performance. Subsequently, she held a research position at the Environment and Sustainability Institute in Cornwall, during which she assessed the relative contribution of old and large trees in the provision of ecosystem services within urban areas.

Recent work by América Paz Durán

Biodiversity, Threats and Drivers |

The project aims to explore the spatio-temporal relationship between multiple threats and the decline of biodiversity in the last decades, and understand how some of these threats are triggered by particular human sectors such as commodities trade. By enhancing our understanding on how threats work, this project aims to provide information on how conservation actions should be deployed in order to reduce threats to biodiversity.