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Alex Ross

Associate Programme Officer | Business and Biodiversity

Alex’s role involves supporting projects across the Business and Biodiversity programme by analysing and synthesising scientific and technical data to integrate high-quality biodiversity information into private sector decision-making.

Previous experience & expertise

Alex joined UNEP-WCMC in October 2018 after two years working as an environmental consultant to the international construction industry. He has experience of designing and implementing locally appropriate sustainability strategies for proposed buildings and development masterplans globally, with a focus on integrating low carbon development and resource efficiency with high quality user experience and human wellbeing. Alex holds a degree in ecology and conservation science from the University of Cambridge, and has published research on reconciling new development projects with biodiversity conservation in urban landscapes.

Recent work by Alex Ross

Advancing Environmental Risk Management |

Alex is working with the finance sector through the Natural Capital Finance Alliance to support integration of natural capital information into financial risk models.

Green Growth Knowledge Platform |

Alex is working with the Green Growth Knowledge Platform’s Natural Capital Expert Working Group to compile and analyse natural capital data layers, platforms and tools for green growth planning.

Proteus |

Alex provides support to the Proteus Partnership, a collaboration between UNEP-WCMC and leading extractive companies dedicated to improving the quality of global biodiversity data and the capacity of businesses to use it in decision making.