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Alana Williamson

Associate Programme Officer | Climate Change and Biodiversity

Alana assists with the implementation of a range of projects in the climate change and biodiversity programme. Alana has experience with tracking and analysing international climate change finance, development of criteria for the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions, as well as ecosystem-based adaptation concepts and options.

Previous experience & expertise

Prior to joining the Centre, Alana’s work has focused on environmental awareness and assessment including Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitat Regulations Appraisal, climate change risk assessment and environmental campaign development and coordination. Alana holds an Msc in Environmental Studies and a Bsc Hons in Applied Marine Biology.

Recent work by Alana Williamson

Voluntary REDD+ Database | Project Contributor

Alana contributed to the data management and analysis of the Voluntary REDD+ Database (VRD). The VRD is a publicly accessible database tracking REDD+ finance flows in the world. Her work included liaising with the 75 countries of the REDD+ Partnership, as well as a number of institutions and organizations, in order to collect and monitor bilateral and multilateral finance data, and draw a yearly analysis from them.

International Climate Initiative biodiversity criteria project | Project Assistant

Alana assisted with administration, logistics, and criteria development for the project which aimed to support the German government (BMU) in strengthening the environmental multiple benefits from its International Climate Initiative climate change mitigation and adaptation projects through developing criteria and guidance.